Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

Airport fees were not adapted since 2006

WILLEMSTAD – Airport fees have not been adapted since 2006. The Curacao Parliament has discusses a change in the island decree dealing with passengers’ facility 1988 and the island decree on landing and parking fee.

Minister Dominique Adriaans of Transport, Traffic and Urban Planning explained that the decree on airport tariffs had to be adapted since Curacao’s constitutional status on October 10, 2010. These tariffs were adapted by the Island Council. This organ ceased to exist on said date. The adaption of these tariffs were an Island Territory matter and had to be changed according to Curacao’s new status, in which it is the minister who stipulates tariffs for Government services. This is the reason why the airport tariff decree has the same text as other government tariffs.

The 2012 tariff is 8 dollars for Sint Maarten and the BES islands (Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatia). All other destinations are 32 dollars. The new proposal is 20 dollars for Sint Maarten and BES and 39 dollars for all other destinations. The landing fee must also be adapted from 3 dollars/ton to 6 dollars/ton. Aircraft parking stays at 61 dollars per ton.

Each year this tariff is checked by  the Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BT&PU) and adapted if necessary. The tariffs comply with international security obligations. Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) supervises Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) and has an insight on all spending. Every month CAH receives the “profit and lost” report and also the annual financial report. Once a year the tariffs are adapted if necessary. Last time they were adapted was 2006.

CAH reserves was 47.1 million guilders on October 10, 2010 and in 2012 it is 41.6 million guilders. It is expected to be 42.6 million guilders at the end of 2012.

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