Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012

Alcalá-Wallé removed from Parliament building

WILLEMSTAD - Parliament treated the controversial point about natural resources on Curaçao and as expected the tempers ran high between the PAR and Pueblo Soberano. PAR-Member Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé was removed from the Parliament building by Acting Chairman Amerigo Thodé. The topic "The interference of the Netherlands with our natural resources and the assurance that these resources would benefit Curaçao' caused some commotion in Parliament. Pueblo Soberano-leader Helmin Wiels is convinced that the Netherlands is fishing after the natural resources of Curaçao and he wants Parliament to state a position.

But Alcala-Walle thought that the agenda was not so urgent in relation to issues confronting the people these days such as the introduction of free education and the construction of the new hospital. "These important issues, which have long been requested by the PAR, were always postponed or not called at all. While this point, which has no priority at all was requested by Pueblo Soberano just last, "according to the PAR member.

But according to Mr. Thode, Mrs. Alcala-Walle was deviating too much off the subject and gave her a warning. "Thena member of the coalition took the stand, whom also deviated from the subject, and received no warning. When I alerted the president on this, I received a second warning and he  asked me to leave the room." The member of Parliament refused to leave the room, and Mr. Thode requested the presence of the "strong arm " (authorities). Alcala-Walle then voluntarily left the Parliament hall, and sat in the waiting hall. This was not what Mr. Thode actually referred to. "When the Chairman was informed that I was in the waiting hall, he had me removed by two police officers from the Parliament building."

The PAR is of the opinion that the meeting was superfluous, since according to the fraction there  is no evidence that there are actual natural resources like gas and petroleum in the territorial waters of Curacao. "The coalition has no evidence to show this. To conclusively determine whether there is oil in our waters, three test drilling must be performed. This will cost 100 million per test drilling, the approximate cost for a new hospital! "Said Alcala-Walle. "The allegations of the coalition on the presence of natural gas and oil are just fictions, fantasies and Kompa Nanzi-stories."

According to the PAR member, the meeting was a failure, because relevant documents were not presented at the meeting. "Where was the ordinance petroleum, the government program of 200 pages which is silent on oil drilling and the document which was sent to the Advisory Council?"  Mr. Thode, who had to intervene several times between members of Pueblo Soberano and PAR, thinks that the level of the meeting was at an all time lowl. "The people have not benefited at all from this meeting."

Kompa Nanzi (children’s stories)
Pueblo Soberano circulated two weeks ago the homemade documentary 'Ta Basta'. In the documentary he accuses the Netherlands of wanting to steal our natural resources. "The fact is that Wiels has achieved nothing for the people, and he now seeks war with the Netherlands with their Kompa Nanzi stories," says the PAR. According to Pueblo Soberano, the PAR is in on this plot with the Netherlands. "Nonsense,"  according to Alcalá-Walle, "our party clearly states on page 2 that all revenues from natural resources in our waters will benefit the people of Curaçao."

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