Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Aruba: Several airlines showed interest in taking over InselAir’s routes

de mezaORANJESTAD – Several airlines have approached the Aruban Minister of Transportation Mike de Meza showing their interest in taking over InselAir’s routes. Some of these airlines already operate to and from the island.

Minister De Meza explained that several airlines contacted him on this issue. “You have Aruba Airlines which said that they want to expand their operations if it is necessary. This is already part of their future plans. We were also approached by Aserca Airlines (Venezuela) and Avianca (Colombia),” said the Minister.

The Dutch government also indicated that they want to discuss the possibilities with both the Curaçao and the Aruba government, especially what role KLM or other airlines can play in this. This is important for the Dutch government because of the connection between the ABC islands and the other former Netherlands Antilles islands.

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