Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2015

Asbestos Pipes on refinery grounds for 10 years already

asbestosWILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the coalition party Pueblo Soberano (PS), Jaime Cordoba indicated during the weekly party meeting that there is asbestos on the oil refinery site. The old pipes in the area are full of asbestos and because they are pulverizing, the toxic substance is blowing in the direction of the Marchena neighborhood and surrounding areas.

The asbestos pipes have been in that area since a major cleanup in 2005. The MP has been on the site personally to take note of the situation. He also announced during the meeting of the PS that he wants to take action.

The MP is also aware that this means that he will criticize two of his own ministers, namely Prime Minister Ivar Asjes, who is in charge of the portfolio General Affairs and Minister Dr. Ben Whiteman of Public Health, Environment and Nature.

Nevertheless, he is persistent and says to continue to take action on the matter until it is resolved.

Photo credit: Jaime Cordoba.

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