Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

Asjes defiant – “Government supports sanctions law”

Premier AsjesWILLEMSTAD - "I'm in politics and I do not play baseball." This was declared by the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Ivar Asjes during the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers (RVM).

He responded to the warning he had received from fellow party member and Member of Parliament, Jaime Cordoba after the government had sent the Sanctions National Ordinance for the second time to parliament.

Cordoba said that the government had two strikes already, “with us it is just like baseball, after three strikes you're out.”

The Pueblo Soberano (PS) member spoke, during a party meeting, on the audacity of the government to submit a proposal again while it was already rejected by their faction in parliament. Asjes stated, however, that he does not play baseball, but politics.

The Prime Minister also spoke against the fact that the government would have sent a bill to parliament, which did not receive sufficient support.

“We have never sent a proposal to parliament that has not been unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers,” said the Prime Minister.

Cordoba’s warning was about the Sanctions National Ordinance. The PS has fierce criticism on this law.

Last year the PS faction, together with the opposition factions of the MFK and MAN, voted against an earlier version of the regulation. The argument used to oppose this bill was that the law could undermine Curaçao’s autonomy, because it states that Curaçao has to automatically follow the European Union when they impose a sanction on any country.

In the final version of the bill, which was sent to parliament, the government followed the guidelines of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). As was the case with the first one, this proposal cannot count on the support of the PS, MFK and MAN factions, which forms a majority in parliament.

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