Published On: Mon, May 19th, 2014

Asjes does not accept attitude Tax Collector

Ivar AsjesWILLEMSTAD – During Ivar Asjes’ speech at the party meeting last Saturday, he strongly condemned the Tax Collector’s intention of seizing the salaries of 80.000 SVB insured citizen. “I do not accept the attitude of the Tax Collector. He is trying to bring down this government or put in it in a bad spot,” the PS leader said.

“I challenge Mr. Trona (Tax Collector) to seize the salaries of these people. I can’t believe that as the Prime Minister of Curacao, I have to read in a newspaper about this action. Mr. Trona had to consult with the government first before going to the media with something like this,” Asjes said.

“I am sure that the Minister of Finance is not aware of this action. This is why it is even more disappointing to me,” Asjes declared.

“There is one thing I have to say. Mr. Trona has a lot work to do. Former Minister of Finance, George Jamaloodin fixed for himself 2 million guilders through the liquidation committee for the issue of his helicopter. Imagine that! Jamaloodin fixed things for himself as Minister of Finance. Apparently, he had to receive some money but the Tax Collector did not charge taxes and the others sums that Jamaloodin owes to the government,” Asjes said.

“There are many people who owe taxes. Go collect those outstanding debts first, before you even consider seizing people’s salaries. I just can’t believe how some newspapers publish this type of negative news just to scare people and put the Government Asjes in a bad light.”


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