Published On: Thu, Sep 20th, 2012

Asjes rejects Rozier’s proposal

WILLEMSTAD – (Disputed President of Parliamen) Ivar Asjes rejected the proposal of the (disputed) President of Parliament of the divisional parliament, Dean Rozier. Rozier has proposed to judge the Bob Wit to judge the current situation in parliament. According to Asjes the proposal is not in conformity with the constitution.

First Asjes would remark that "more recently attempts have been made to make decisions outside parliament. "In this regard, I refer to Article 56, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of Curacao. According to this article, the only parliament debating or making decisions in a meeting. Parliament may only deliberate and take decisions if more than half of the number of sitting members are present at the meeting. "

"This means that what Rozier asks in his letter that the parliament takes a decision outside a public meeting, is not in conformity with the Constitution of Curaçao." Finally, Asjes says that Rozier is 'missing information'. According to Asjes the newspaper Amigoe already published, on 14 September, Mr. Bob Wit’s opinion on the situation in parliament. This makes Rozier’s proposal unnecessary.

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