Published On: Wed, Oct 31st, 2012

Asjes repudiates MFK and MAN for backing off from willingness agreement

WILLEMSTAD – After Pueblo Soberano (PS) leader Helmin Wiels’ disapproval of the break between the three parties, it is Ivar Asje’s turn to condemn the disunion.

The former president of parliament asks himself why Gerrit Schotte insists in becoming prime minister and he also questions the attitude of MAN to back off from the willingness agreement.

Asjes, who was mentioned as one of the possible candidates to become prime minister, has also attacked MFK but in a more diplomatic way compared to his party leader Helmin Wiels. Through the media, the Soberano second man has explained what would happen if Schotte becomes prime minister again.

“The people of Curacao cannot imagine that PS will comply with Schotte’s wish to become prime minister. He won’t pass the screening! What will he do then? He could appoint someone else to become prime minister”, Asjes stated.

“Even worse, if Schotte doesn't become prime minister, then Emily de Jongh-Elhage of the political party PAR must be appointed prime minister, as the third leader with the most votes. That is inconceivable” Asjes said.

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