Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

Asjes wants a parliamentary inquiry

WILLEMSTAD – Member of Parliament Ivar Asjes is already requesting a parliamentary inquiry right after the elections if his party regains power. This inquiry should investigate the actions of the Governor and the Group of Twelve. Asjes explained its decision in a 2.5 hour press conference.

Governor Frits Goedgedrag appointed this week a formateur to form an interim cabinet. This decision was made by the Governor after the Group of Twelve, the divisional majority in Parliament, submitted several motions to him.

Asjes declares, like demissionary Premier Gerrit Schotte, that the governor unfairly interfered with politics. Schotte sent a letter to the Governor, to request of him to cease this  interference. ""I think you stand firm in the existing political divisions in our country, while your performance is suppose to promote unity," says Schotte.

According to the President of Parliament, anyone who breaks the law, bears the consequences. So did the Governor. "Even the king must pay a fine if he is driving too fast," said Asjes. "The decision of the Governor will cause the opposite of political calmness." Last night it was announced that the Governor was traveling abroad in connection with heart problems.

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