Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

Asjes: What is the status on Airport City

WILLEMSTAD – Member of the parliament Ivar Asjes wants to know what the status is of the Airport City project. This issue was brought up during a parliament meeting on passenger’s facilities 1988 and the Island decree on landing and parking fee at the airport.

First and foremost Asjes asks if parliament is willing to delegate authority it has to a minister. For this to happen it has to go according to the law and after sufficient analysis. Efficiency and swift decision making are at the essence here, but also parliament must have the interest of the people in mind.

Asjes says that he is worried about a letter from the Minister of Transportation, Traffic and Urban Planning dated November 5, 2012 to the President of Parliament in which she refers to a letter from Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) dated September 26, 2010 referring to the company which runs the airport and pays concession to Curacao Airport Holding (CAH) (a public company). In this letter, CAP states that they will reduce an amount of the concession which they have lost  due to landing and parking fees which were not increased on time. Asjes wants more information on CAP’s letter.

Asjes wants to know how much the tariffs are at this moment, meaning the passenger’s facility fee, transit fee, landing fee and parking fee. He also wants to know how much they will be after the increase. This is because, in the letter, the Minister speaks of increasing these fees immediately. Asjes wants to know if CAH, which has the supervision role, has an idea of what CAP’s spending are.

In the concession agreement it is stated that CAH receives CAP’s annual report. What are the agreements for the tariff’s increase? When is there suppose to be tariff’s adjustments? Asjes continued saying that there are many different projects which are considered private and which are being financed or pre financed with public funds from CAH e.g. airport busses and the Airport City. This Airport City is also a confusion. The idea has always been that this project will be privatized and that this company will bring funds for the Airport City and that private companies will manage it. Now it seems as if it is CAH that has to deal with this project. Asjes wants to know what are the plans for the Airport City.

In conclusion, Asjes asks what is the role for Bureau Telecommunication and Post, since it will not be an independent regulator, but more like an advisor. Asjes wants to know why this agreement. How much were CAP reserves on October 10, 2010 and how much are they now.

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