Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Auction CTEX not on December 30 as was planned

CTEXdatacenterWILLEMSTAD - The auction scheduled on December 30 of the datacenter CTEX has been canceled. The court has ruled a so called cooling off period of one month after this was requested by the administrator.

With the decision of December 11, Curaçao Technology Exchange NV (CTEX) was granted a preliminary moratorium after two companies, Holland West Indies Trading and Antillean Rain Gutters submitted a request to declare CTEX bankrupt at the beginning of this month.

Shortly before that, on November 27, Eshuis notary office announced that on December 30 of this year, the CTEX at Seru Mahuma will be auctioned. This is done by the order of the AIB Bank, the leading consortium of financial institutions that financed the ambitious data center project.

The administrator, Arnold Huizing, had sent a letter on December 22 to the court of justice with the request of a cooling off period for the duration of one month.

AIB Bank on Aruba is, according to the official information, the mortgagee, despite earlier reports that the major shareholder, the public company United Telecommunications Services (UTS) has taken over CTEX’ loan debt.

What would be auctioned is nearly 25,000 square meters of leasehold land with the thereon construction and moveable properties.

CETX, which officially opened in March 2014 and was first led almost solely by former CEO, Anthony Delima, is now being managed by CEO, Randell Hato and CFO, Mihaila Hansen of the executive board, while the supervising general board consists of Charles Davelaar, Emil Wallé and Marinella Smith Petronella.

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