Published On: Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

AVA’s legal representative requests documents to appeal government’s decision

AVAWILLEMSTAD – According to a press release emitted by the aviation company AVA Airways, they have taken notice of the decision of the Minister of Traffic and Transportation, Mrs. Suzanne Camelia-Römer on the request of the airline for an economic permit. This decision was made on December 22, 2015.

The representatives of the local airline indicated in their writing that in the meantime their lawyer, Mr. Chester Peterson, through a letter to the Minister, has requested all relevant documents relating to the Government’s decision. AVA’s intention is to appeal this decision.

AVA Airways also indicated that the legal representation of their investors in the U.S. is studying the Government’s decision, especially a passage in the decree that states: “The forensic investigation of the company Capital Partners, showed that Capital Partners, is probably a fictitious company.”

AVA Airways states that they really have doubts about the declarations from the Minister, who said that she requested a forensic investigation into the veracity of AVA’s investors. AVA declares emphatically that Capital Partners is not a fictitious company and that they did not present fake documents, as was stated by the Minister in her decision.

The airlines said in their press release that they have complied with all the requirements to receive their economic permit. It is the first time, according to the AVA representative, that a Government request an irrevocable bank letter. This was not done before in the case of, for example, InselAir.

AVA Airways wants to take legal steps and hopes that the Minister will not interfere with this process by not giving the company the needed documents. In the press release, the AVA representatives state that they believe the Minister will boycott this process.

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