Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

Balborda: “Responsibility for carnival is not only with one person”

BalbordaWILLEMSTAD - There is still so much to do about the carnival route. But it now seems that a final decision has been taken. That is at least what can be concluded out the Minister Earl Balbora’s words. Minister Balborda, as minister of Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning is responsible for the safety of the people on the carnival route.

During the press conference it was announced that a committee that has evaluated the existing route needed more time and will issue an official report for the Carnival of 2016. Until then, the carnival will not go through Otrobanda, but the Weg naar Welgelegen till Aqualectra and it will then make a left turn there.

Interim Director of Urban Planning (ROP), Darwin Delanoi, accompanied Balborda during this press conference and made it clear, in an extended argument, that it is dangerous to let the carnival continue in Otrobanda. “I prefer to put an end to the good atmosphere, than a human life," said Delanoi. Because that is the risk that carnival revelers walk into when the parade goes through the streets of Otrobanda. Dozens of houses in Otrobanda could collapse and the owners refuse to renovate them. According to Delanoi, the government has been working for years on getting the owners to do something about these buildings.

Past carnival it went terribly wrong when a wall came down and several bystanders were injured, one was even completely paralyzed. Balborda doesn’t want to say anything about the government’s responsibility in this, since the case is still pending.

Delanoi stressed that the responsibility for the security of all of us lies not only with the government. Yet it is the government which has to guarantee the safety and therefore “I asked Minister Balborda to take that responsibility.”

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