Published On: Fri, Sep 21st, 2012

Balkenende fears for low-trust society in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - Former Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is deeply concerned about the political situation in Curacao. The basic rules of democracy are not respected,  which will turn Curacao instead of a high- trust society ', into a low-trust society.

Balkenende spoke at the fundraising meeting for political party PAR. The topic of his lecture was 'Strength'. According to the former prime minister, he has found a culture of fear in Curaçao. He has spoken with companies who say that if it continues, they will no longer invest.

In the last elections, the PAR became the largest party, but not enough to form majority coalition. "That's what you get according to the basic rules of democracy and it must be respected", he said. "But now the government does not have that majority anymore, you also have to respect that."

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