Published On: Thu, Aug 6th, 2015

Bijkerk: “Schotte distracts to hide involvement in murder Helmin Wiels”

gerrit-schotte-cicely-van-der-dijs-babelWILLEMSTAD - Gerrit Schotte is trying to cause a distraction because of his involvement in the murder of the former political leader, Helmin Wiels. This is according to lawyer Roelof Bijkerk in his defense to the complaint filed by the former prime minister against him at the Dutch Bar Association. This was reported by the Curaçao Persbureau.

Bijkerk came down pretty hard on the MFK leader. There is too much at stake for the former Prime Minister. This because of the Wiels case and a possible conviction in the Babel case, where Schotte is suspected of forgery, money laundering and bribery.

Bijkerk states that the involvement of Gerrit Schotte in the murder Helmin Wiels was brought to light by his own legal counsel Mr. Chester Peterson. Peterson’s client is a suspect in that case. That was in a press release from Peterson following the arrest of George Jamaloodin, Gerrit Schotte’s party comrade and former Minister of Finance. The Prosecution has never confirmed that Schotte is a suspect in the case Maximus.

According to the lawyer, Schotte’s complaint at the Bar Association is part of the defense strategy in the Babel case. The case will be in court on September 9 this year. Here the former Prime Minister is trying to prove that there is a political process in which the European Dutch lawyer Bijkerk is playing a leading role. Schotte claims that Bijkerk has opened a witch hunt against him. Schotte also stated that the lawyer holds deep-seated hatred and grudge against the MFK, which has caused unnecessarily hurt and grieve for the party.

In his speech Bijkerk uses several cases to proof Schotte’s criminal conduct and points out that it is not about a witch hunt but that these are proven cases. There are indeed fifty reports of unusual financial transactions under the name of the former prime minister, he stole a car in the past and sold it and he abused a credit card from a friend. Schotte also committed insurance fraud and caused the death of a motorist on the Van Engelenweg. “If such a corrupt person is the prime minister of a country, then I consider that a threat to the rule of law,” Bijkerk motivates his involvement with the doings of the former prime minister.

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