Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2012

Bill proposal Screening ready for parliament

WILLEMSTAD – One of the first announcements Prime Minister Betrian made when he was sworn in, was that he received an assignment from the Governor to work on a bill proposal which will make screening of candidate ministers mandatory. This is to prevent people to become ministers without being screened.

The interim government is ready with the bill proposal and will send it to parliament for debate and approval. The interim government has made this project one of their priorities considering the discussions in the community about the integrity of  the government officials.

It’s true that Curacao and the former Netherlands Antilles did not have this process fixed by law, but in this modern world and where there are people with certain moral and ethical level, not everything should be fixed by law.

This bill proposal is completely ready and as mentioned before it will go to parliament with the hope that the highest authority in this land will cooperate to adopt it before the elections.

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