Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2012

PAR said NO to Wiels’ proposal of “Assignment Government”

WILLEMSTAD – Political party Partido Alternativa Real just finished their party council where it has been decided to reject Pueblo Soberano’s proposal to form a so called “Assignment Government”. The decision was unanimous in the Party Council.

After conversations between PS, PAIS, PNP and PAR, the Informateur Mr. Glenn Camelia was optimistic about a coalition between the 4 parties which will sustain an “Assignment Government” consisting of professional in their field to help Curacao get out of its financial situation. Each party negotiated on their terms but had to go back to their respective councils to get approval for the possible cooperation between the 4 parties.

PS, PAIS and PNP already signed a willingness agreement but formed a block of 10 seats in parliament which is not enough to form a government. The group of four must find another party to get the needed majority. Now that PAR rejected the Wiels’ proposal, it is up to either MFK or MAN to continue with the negotiations.

Everything indicates now that Curacao will not have a new government any time soon. The Informateur Mr. Glenn Camelia must report on November 16 to the Acting Governor that he was not successful in the assignment he received. Probably the Acting Governor, Mrs. Adele van der Pluijm-Vrede will have to appoint another Informateur to start once again gathering information on the possibilities of forming a new government for Curacao with the support of a large majority in parliament.

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