Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

Bus fares increase by January 2017

bus station OtrabandaWILLEMSTAD – The Ministry of Economic Development announced that the maximum rates for buses will be increased by January 1, 2017. This increase was adopted in the Council of Ministers and covers all small and medium-sized buses.

Cause for this increase is the average price of oil which has risen in the last half of the year compared to the average that was used in the calculation of last June. The Ministry evaluates twice per year, the average oil prices and the bus fares will be adjusted accordingly. The last change in the bus fares took place last July.

Based on this increase, the Council of Ministers approved the following changes in the rates for small and medium-sized buses. On January 1 the rate for routes within the city district will be Naf 2.00 instead of Naf 1.90. The fare from the city district to the 2nd district will be Naf 2.50 instead of Naf 2.45. Routes from Otrobanda to the 3rd district amounts Naf 3.60 instead of Naf 3.50. Rates in the 2nd district will be Naf 2.50 instead of Naf 2.45 and in the 3rd district, rates will be Naf 2.00 instead of Naf 1.90.

The first district is the area of Otrobanda and Punda. From Otrobanda the first district extends to the roundabout at Palu Blanku and from Punda to the roundabout at Janwe and the Pier at Maripampoen. The third district starts from the roundabout at Zegu to Westpoint. And the second district includes all of the areas not covered by district one or three.

The Ministry of Economic Development stresses that the adjustments relate only to small and medium-sized buses and passenger 2 years and older.

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