Published On: Mon, Oct 30th, 2017

Case against Tromp reveals more irregularities in the Central Bank

Central Bank_frontWILLEMSTAD - The Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) and its employees have yet to process a series of fraud investigations. In the wake of criminal investigations by the Public Prosecutor (OM) against the CBCS President Emsley Tromp, a large number of irregularities have been revealed, according to several sources on the island.

According to the OM, Tromp has so far been able to evade prosecution by exploiting his power within the CBCS and in Curacao. The case against him for tax evasion is an end to that inconceivability. The decision of the CBCS last week to initiate a dismissal procedure against Tromp shows after three decades the end of the Tromp era.

This leads to new dynamics. Tromp's associates in the Central Bank prepare for the arrival of new brooms. CBCS employees report that the bank's documentation is being cleaned up. Tromp’s lawyer also points out that 'a considerable number of staff files has now been shredded' by the CBCS.

Tromp's most loyal associate, CBCS director Jerry Hasselmeyer, is now without a patron. A large number of controversial financial transactions were signed by Hasselmeyer. New accountants from PwC have been auditing the Central Bank. According to several sources, they have already encountered issues of concern for Hasselmeyer.

Thus, documentation has been found showing that Hasselmeyer, like Tromp, has been awarded a bonus of 100,000 guilders for placing the Giro Bank under the curatorship of the CBCS. After a few weeks of thinking about his answer to the question why he received this special bonus, Hasselmeyer indicated, through his lawyer Bertie Braam, that he believes it's inappropriate’ to provide information about this subject.

Hasselmeyer does not deny receiving the bonus, but does not want to say anything because ‘an investigation is ongoing’. The lawyer continues: “Mr Hasselmeyer wishes to emphasize, however, that all payments received directly or indirectly by the Central Bank have a contractual or otherwise valid basis.”

The investigations that have now begun within the CBCS focus on the legitimacy of the salaries of the entire CBCS management. These are astronomically high.

Tromp refused to tell the court how much he actually earned until the last week as CBCS president. The OM revealed that it is 1,770,000 guilders in 2014. This is twice as much as what the President of the German Central Bank earns.

Tromp was the one who gave himself a huge wage increase each year. Tromp claimed that this automatism had been agreed with him ten years ago. Investigators are now trying to find the basis for this. The investigators are also investigating credit card usage by Tromp and Hasselmeyer. Reason is a remarkable fact that the bank has canceled these credit cards.


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