Published On: Sat, Jun 4th, 2016

Compromise dispute agreement within reach

Rene HerdeTHE HAGUE - The countries of the Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Consultation (IPKO) in The Hague seem to have reached a compromise for a dispute agreement. Aruba has made a proposal to allow the settlement of disputes between the countries of the Kingdom to the board of the State of Council.

The decisions of the board are binding. The countries have deliberated the proposal of Aruban Member of Parliament René Herdé. With that proposal the previously agreed three principles of a dispute will remain intact: an independent body makes binding decisions on strictly legal disputes in the Kingdom.

The Caribbean countries initially wanted the Supreme Court to rule on disputes in the Kingdom. The Supreme Court itself, however, believes that the board of the Council of State could make a better judgment about these cases.

Not all disputes are strictly legal. Policy-related issues can be submitted to the advising department of the Council of State. Statements on these disputes are not binding.

Photo: René Herdé


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