Published On: Wed, Mar 16th, 2016

Concerned citizens filed lawsuit – Schotte manipulated Intelligence Service (VDC)

Gerrit SchotteWILLEMSTAD - A group of thirty concerned citizens have filed a lawsuit against offenses committed in the Curaçao Intelligence Service (VDC). Allegedly committed during the reign of former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, between 2010 and 2012.

Schotte was convicted of corruption, forgery and money laundering on Friday last week.

According to the concerned citizens, the former prime minister has completely placed the security agency under his control. Therefore he had access to all records, including his own and those of people in his immediate vicinity. Moreover, Schotte was able to modify data, or to make it disappear.

Own login code

The offenses, according to the citizens, began almost immediately after his appointment as prime minister. Schotte first replaced the head of security, then he actively interfered with its own screening and those of a number of ministers in his cabinet.

The network administrator appointed by Schotte through an Interim Head of the Department was forced to make a login code for the ex-prime minister so he could have all digital information at his disposal. It worked at first, because the operator observed the protocols of the security service.

In late 2011 the new crisis manager appointed by Schotte got the passwords and made a copy of all data. This came into the hands of the Colombian security forces with whom Schotte had sought contact. The former prime minister was also able to modify or delete data in the system at that point.


The network administrator was then sent on mandatory leave. He reported to the Ombudsman, and leaked some of the information. To limit the damage for himself, Schotte, in May 2012, dismissed four VDC agents. Schotte called a press conference in which he stated that the four had wanted to stage a coup.

In their lawsuit the concerned citizens also indicated that the successive governments, after the fall of the Schotte-cabinet, did nothing on the situation within the security service. A number of senior officials appointed by Schotte, have never been screened and are still working there. Among them is the current head of the service, Michael Römer.

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