Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2012

Cooper: Sambil will have more than 500 jobs available

WILLEMSTAD – Demissionairy Prime Minister Stanley Betrian said last week that he could find no documentation on the project Sambil of former Minister Charles Cooper (MAN) of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning. This week Betrian admitted that he has found the documents and the project is legal.

According to Cooper Betrian says now that the project is good for 150 to 350 jobs. Cooper believes that the Prime Minister relies only on what some public officials write and say and do not use his own logic to analyze the project.

"There will be 220 shops between opened between 10:00 and 22:00," says Cooper. "Each store will have at least two employees, so in total there are four people per day to work. That means that 220 x 4 = 800 people are employed at the mall. "The former minister’s map also indicates that there is a food court with twenty shops serving different cuisines." Each shop will average four people at work, which are a total of 80 workstations. This is without taking into account any shifts. "In addition, the mall gets eight movie theaters for which each room four people are employed.

According to Cooper Sambil is also protected by security guards and that provides 70 jobs. The center should also be cleaned, which in turn makes for a cleaning team of 30 people. Besides cleaning is also a maintenance team deployed where about twenty people are needed. Finally, the administration of the shopping center can be done by 30 people. "And then you have people who work indirectly for Sambil which will not be counted," says Cooper. "If Betrian only looks at a Building Depot or Kooyman where about 250 people are employed directly or indirectly, he would not rave about this nonsense. How much bigger than these two stores will Sambil be?” said former Minister Charles Cooper.

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