Published On: Mon, Feb 15th, 2016

Cordoba: “After treatment 80/20 bill by the government it goes to the governor”

Jaime-CordobaWILLEMSTAD - If the 80/20 Law (Law to promote equitable employment opportunities for local workers) is treated and formalized in the Council of Ministers this week, then it goes as quickly as possible to the governor. This is according to Jaime Córdoba, political leader of ruling party Pueblo Soberano (PS).

Cordoba also stated that the law then should enter into force as soon as possible, preferably this month. The law was discussed last week during the so-called consultation of the cooperating parties.

PAIS faction leader, Alex Rosaria has voiced his objections against the law during the consultations. He also claimed to be awaiting a report by a committee composed of representatives of the various parties of the coalition.

“But that report has never been published, the member who sat on the committee on behalf of PAIS, has long been out of the party. The committee has only met twice. The introduction of the 80/20 bill is part of the government agreement. The PS is really not waiting for a report from a committee that is no longer active,” said the PS political leader.


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