Published On: Mon, Jun 15th, 2015

Curaçao pays 30 million guilders in Non-Revenue Water due to bad administration

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - Almost half of the Aqualectra’s Non-Revenue Water (NRW) comes from a bad administration. This is contained in a report published by Vitens Evidens International (VEI), which conducted a research on the utility company here in Curaçao.

Almost a third of all the water produced by Aqualectra is lost. Now it appears that one out of seven cubic meters disappears because the water company does not have its administration in order. This cost the Curaçao community annually 30 million guilders.

Leader of the opposition, Gerrit Schotte, who requested the investigation in 2011 when he was Prime Minister now wants a debate on this report in parliament.

Gerrit Schotte, who filed for investigation in 2011, now wants a debate in the States. For his party, it is unacceptable that the water bill is so high.

At the beginning of this year VEI made its recommendations following the investigation into the nature and extent of Non-Revenue Water in Curaçao. These have been adopted by the authorities, according to a press release published by VEI on their website.

VEI advised the Bureau Telecom & Post (BTP, the organization that supervises the drinking water, energy and fuel sectors in Curaçao) on setting up and implementing measurement protocols for the monitoring and evaluation of the NRW. VEI will – where necessary and desired – also support Aqualectra, the local drinking water company, in the implementation of reduction activities.

Vitens Evides International has supported BTP since 2011. Together, they assess the effectiveness of Aqualectra. Among other things, the nature and extent of the NRW was investigated. During the investigation, VEI introduced a method for determining the NRW in isolated parts of the network on a daily basis.

An important part of the advice of VEI is that Aqualectra must drastically reduce the level of NRW within a few years. Drinking water in Curaçao is five times more expensive than in the Netherlands, so leakage losses also mean significant financial losses.

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