Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2012

De Jongh Elhage: Cries about natural resources are to convince the people for independence

WILLEMSTAD – “If there were gas and oil in our territorial waters, why didn't Wiels, Schotte and Cooper start drilling? This is simply lies from the former government and coalition partners”, according to PAR leader Emily de Jongh-Elhage.

Emily said that these deceptions are to convince the people of Curacao to go for independence, but also to cover the disaster wrought by the three coalition partners during their time in government. The PAR leader explained during a press conference that there has been false information about gas and oil in Curacao’s territorial waters. Now that Curacao is gearing up for elections, these deceptions are on the rise once again. PAR dug a little deeper and now understands why this little group is giving this false information. For some weeks now, there were certain documents being shown which supposedly were signed by the PAR leader when she was prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles. According to the PAR leader, there is still no document that truly proves that she had signed an order to start drilling for oil and gas.

Another member of the trio said that soon Curacaoans  will become like sheiks because there is oil and gas. They also said that Emily has signed 85% of the natural resources away to the Netherlands, which is against a law that states that whatever is found in the territorial waters of Curacao, is for the people of Curacao.  “This is ridiculous”, the PAR leader declared.

According to her, these false accusations are used as a cover up for the disaster the Schotte government has created during these two years. There is a financial and a moral crisis, there are people linked to the mafia and on top of that this government almost destroyed the tourism industry with false information of a coup. Schotte has done all this with Wiels’ knowledge and consent.

The PAR leader reiterates; “if there were gas and oil, why didn't they start drilling? They had two years to do it.”

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