Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2015

Designation of terrorist not without formal law

terrorismeWILLEMSTAD - The Advisory Council (RvA) indicates to the government that the local designation of terrorists, as included in the Sanctions Act, must be based on a formal law and must be with the necessary guarantees as this could constitute violations of fundamental rights.

The draft ordinance of the Sanctions, however, lacks the support to locally designate terrorists, terrorist organizations, terrorist financiers and their representatives. That was announced by the RvA in an emergency decision, which was requested by the government in April this year and which was recently published by the council.

There is no majority support for the sanctions law in parliament. The sanction law indicates that if an international organization such as the OECD (for Cooperation and Development), imposed a penalty on a country that does not abide by international rules or human rights, Curacao must automatically comply with this decision.

Suppose that such a sanction is imposed on Venezuela, Curacao then could not trade with the neighboring country. According to opponents of the law, this would be disastrous. They think that Curaçao is affected in its autonomy.

Not supporting the sanction law could also be disastrous for Curaçao. The island can be then put on a gray or black list, which could be detrimental for the financial sector.

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