Published On: Mon, Nov 26th, 2018

DMO regrets the course of events concerning the contract between VVRP-PAC

parkingWILLEMSTAD - The Downtown Management Organization (DMO) regrets that the business owners in Punda and Otrobanda are not involved in the contract negotiation between Ministry of Transport, Traffic and Urban Planning (VVRP) and Parking Authority Curaçao (PAC) about parking management. DMO has not been informed or consulted about the exact content of the agreements. Contrary to what PAC and VVRP claim, DMO is not in favor of free parking and does not count on receiving the parking fees either. The only thing DMO and the business owners want in the city center is a customer-friendly parking policy for visitors.

DMO has heard in the media that the contract negotiations between PAC and VVRP of parking management in the city center are almost complete. DMO has also heard several statements in the past few days of Mr. Burr (PAC lawyer) and Mrs. Zita Jesus-Leito (Minister of VVRP) about the interests of DMO that are inaccurate.

The minister's statement that DMO only wants the parking fees is not correct. DMO has repeatedly informed the Minister that the organization is not interested in parking fees, but only strives for a customer-friendly parking policy. A parking situation where visitors to the city center can easily find a parking space, where all payment terminals work and are modernized, and where one does not have to be afraid to be clamped unnecessarily. All points that can easily be realized.

In addition, Mr. Braam says that DMO wants free parking. This is also not true, DMO is for paid parking. After all, with so few available parking spaces in the city center, paid parking is necessary to discourage long-term parking. For example, parking spaces in the core shopping area are reserved in violation of the rules for various (government) authorities in the city center. In addition, there are approximately 80 parking subscriptions issued by PAC. The issued parking subscriptions ensure that the parking spaces are occupied all day long so that visitors to the shops and catering cannot find a place.

DMO is simply disappointed about the entire situation. The government is full of criticisms that the retailers have to do more to make the city more attractive, but the government itself creates more barriers to make the city more accessible to visitors. Instead of working together, looking for the best solutions together, the government seems to only counteract the further development of the inner city by signing contracts with parties that make no contribution to the development of the inner city.

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