Published On: Fri, Jun 7th, 2013

Dr. Mourillon appointed as new Health Inspector

MourillonWILLEMSTAD – Dr. Michael Mourillon was appointed as the new Health Inspector for Curacao. He will succeed Dr. Jan Huurman who departed to The Netherlands after his contract was not renewed. Interim Inspector General confirmed this to the media.

“Mourillon’s appointment is a temporary solution. The advertisement for the vacancies of inspector and adjunct inspector will be placed shortly,” Alcala indicated.

“The appointment and the contract must first be formalized by the Ministry of Public Health. I hope this happens soon,” Alcala said.

The vacancy after Huurman’s departure was initially to be filled by an internal candidate. Eventually the choice was made for a local person who is to help the Health Inspection. In principle, Mourillon’s contract with the government agency is for six months. Just like his predecessor, Mourillon is to fulfill all tasks of a health inspector.

Health inspector Jan Huurman was controversial figure, who raised several abuses in the health service on Curaçao and had taken decisive measures. He said he met with opposition when discovering invoice fraud with the medical specialists. Some say Huurman is a hero while others think he harmed the national health service during his term of approx. eight months.

His successor Mourillon, who took final examinations in medicine in the Netherlands, started a medical practice on the island in the past. He sold his practice and is currently an insurance doctor.

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