Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

Dubnium case: BZV paid 9 guilders for 20 cents face masks

Public ProsecutionWILLEMSTAD – The investigation into the so called Dubnium case has taken a different course now with the arrest of former Minister of Public Health and current Member of Parliament for MFK, Jacintha Constancia. This case has to do with the purchase of 40.000 face masks for medical purposes with a price tag of 365.000 guilders. This purchase became a legal case when the face masks were never delivered to the Health Services (BZV).

There were even court cases in which the BZV demanded their money back or the delivery of these face masks. The court ruled in favor of the BZV, but still they did not get their money back nor did the face masks ever appeared.

BZV gave the group that received the payment for the order, many chances to pay back or to deliver the face masks. They never complied. According to a representative of the BZV, the group always came with excuses for not complying with the demands. The group even indicated that they had proof of the order and this is why BZV’s legal representatives did not file another lawsuit pending these proofs. Later it became evident that there was no proof of purchase.

Constancia also indicated that she gave these documents to BZV’s lawyer, Mr. Braam, but Braam said that this was not true. “If I had these, then the case would not have come this far,” said Braam.

Other sources indicate that this deal was a complete rip off. If calculated, it appears that the BZV had paid 9 guilders per face mask. Here on the island, this product is available for 20 cents per piece.

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