Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Dutch Caribbean delegations reach consent regarding dispute agreement

IpkoTHE HAGUE - The delegations of Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten have reached an consent on the dispute agreement on the eve of the Kingdom Inter-Parliamentary Consultation(Ipko).

This means that a unified counterweight can be given against the proposal of the Netherlands. The dispute agreement is seen as the main subject of the Ipko, which is currently taking place in The Hague.

“Definitely a hot potato,” said a member of the parliament delegation of St. Maarten. Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kingdom Relations wants to submit disputes between the countries in the Kingdom to the Council of State for advice. The councils given by the Council of State would not be binding in all cases on the Kingdom Council of Ministers.

In contrast, the three Caribbean countries want the Supreme Court or a Joint Court of Dispute to provide a binding judgment.

The Dutch Caribbean countries were already largely aligned, but now one has agreed on the legal basis for a dispute.

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