Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

Dutch Parliament almost unanimously behind same sex marriage initiative for Dutch islands

Dutch ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - The Dutch House of Representatives has now almost unanimously agreed with a request of the MPs of VVD, PvdA and D66 to work on the legalization of gay marriage in the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. Only some small parties did not vote for this motion.

Last week the motion was announced by an MP of the ruling party VVD at a meeting with the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders. During this meeting the MPs and the Minister were debating on the role the Netherlands can play internationally in the field of gay emancipation.

There is heavy opposition against this motion in Curaçao, especially from one of the MPs from the ruling party Pueblo Soberano, Winie Ravenau.

Raveneau stressed via e letter that the Curaçao population must be consulted through a referendum. “The people of Curaçao need to voice their opinion about the legalization of gay marriage. It is clear that in the Bible, God disapproves of homosexuality. The majority of our people are Christians and they follow the Bible. This is why we have to give them the opportunity to vote on this matter,” said the MP.

The MP for the coalition party PAIS, Alex Rosaria said that he would, in any case, be committed to outlaw discrimination based on sexual preferences here in Curaçao.


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