Published On: Fri, May 1st, 2015

Dutch Parliament remains concerned about loan hospital

Dutch parliamentTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Lower House of the Dutch Parliament remains concerned about the loan provided by the Netherlands for the construction of the new hospital in Curaçao. This is evident from the questions of the Parliamentary Committee for Kingdom Relations on the interim report of the Commission for Financial Supervision (CFT).

The Lower House has doubts about the positive opinion of the CFT for the loan and the possibilities of the Curaçao government to repay them, whereas little is known about the finances of a number of government companies. “Do you agree that if there is insufficient oversight of government entities, there is a risk that it takes more money in the future to supplement any shortages?” Said the commission. The committee members also want assurances that Curaçao will not use the loan to finance other shortages and that the Netherlands will not approve new loans, such as if the current hospital goes bankrupt.

Some of the concerns relate specifically to St. Maarten. The parliament sees a risk that the Netherlands may, in the future, again have to clean up government debt. “Where is the proof that the government companies of St. Maarten are financially sound, as written in the report of the CFT, now that many annual accounts have not been published or have not been approved?”, The commission wrote. The Lower House notes, finally, the need to improve the collection of taxes. The questions of the committee are in preparation for a debate with the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk, which takes place on May 21.

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