Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2018

Executorial attachment of earnings in place of enforced recovery in Schotte’s case

Gerrit-Schotte-10WILLEMSTAD - A bailiff imposed an enforced recovery by mistake, instead of part of the salary of former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte. The bailiff was supposed to impose an executorial attachment of the Prime Minister’s earnings. This was reported by the Public Prosecution in a press release.

Executorial attachment of earnings means that the seized salary is kept as it were until a sentence is irrevocable, spokesperson of the OM Norman Serphos explains. Only when a judgment is irrevocable can an attachment be imposed.

On August 30, it was decided that the Public Prosecution Service may claim 1.8 million guilders from Schotte because he obtained this illegally. However, Schotte filed his case to the Court of Appeal, as a result, the Public Prosecution Service can claim the money but cannot yet use it. If the verdict finally becomes irrevocable, the 1.8 million will end up with the Asset Recovery Team, said the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution, Norman Serphos.

The bailiff, who, according to Serphos, made the mistake of executing an attachment, will correct the error today or tomorrow. The Public Prosecution Service emphasizes that it continues with the seizure of part of Schotte's salary.

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