Published On: Fri, Nov 23rd, 2012

Farewell speech Governor Goedgedrag

Fellow Citizens,

Since 2002 every year as Governor I speak to you through the television, with a message that's dear to my heart, a message so you can be encouraged, and even now I speak to you again, but this time for the last time ...
People ask me how I feel, now I have decided not to serve as Governor. I feel both a smile and a tear in me coming.

A tear, because I will quit the work which I have experienced as the honor of my life.

A tear, because I will miss the captivating work I did.

A tear, because I miss the chance to encourage many good people to contribute to our society.

Although I am a man with deep feelings, I am not guided by feelings. Feelings are important, but they are not the boss. Throughout my career I have always tried to be guided by principles, by norms and values. Values such as justice, peace, courtesy, and careful discipline. I was privileged to have had a father who taught me these important values and they lived for me. Therefore, these principles also become mine.

Starting as a lawyer at Central Office of Legal and General Affairs at Fort Amsterdam, via Bonaire again ending at Fort Amsterdam, I have tried to put these values into practice, and to give these principles shape. Wherever I worked during the last 35 years I have promoted justice, peace, politeness to radiate and careful to maintain discipline.

I'm going to miss. Therefore my tear.
But I feel beside the tear, a smile coming on. A smile because I hope to see more of my family, the people I love. Not only are justice, peace and discipline important to me, but also "relatives and family" is my precious and high value. I'm already looking forward to a quiet breakfast with Dulcie. I look forward my children visiting and I can take the time to take to talk to them. And, who knows, there is a "Little Goedgedrag" .. Finally I have attended in August the wedding of our son Harold with Megan. These two people love each other, so maybe there is a chance in that I can see my family grow.
I say maybe ... I must nonetheless deal responsibly with my health, for the promotion of health and welfare is also one of my life principles. Five years ago I already took the steps to ensure that my health remains good. Earlier I mentioned my father, who preceded me in what these principles are concerned, but this man passed away at its 61st. This month I also became 61, I would follow my father in the field of principles, but not regarding his life durability (if God is willing). It seems therefore advisable to me to be guided by the principle of promoting welfare and health.
The principles of justice, peace and careful discipline have been my guide in my work. The principles of politeness, family and welfare are my mentor in my personal life. Now remains for me one last principle to mention and that is gratitude.

Firstly, dear Dulcie, I am grateful to you for your love, your class, your support and your patience. As of now we have more time for each other. From now on family and health.

I am particularly grateful for the compassion that I have encountered during surgery five years ago and now again in September. It was heartening to see how one sympathizes with our family. We still get very nice messages and phone calls from friends, but very often from total strangers showing their way of compassion.

I would also like to thank my colleagues, with whom I have worked the last 35 years, both here in Curacao, and Bonaire. I will never forget what you meant to me.

Also not to be forgotten in pronouncing thanks to the many volunteers, who in recent years I've praised for the tremendous work they do for our fellow men. You are irreplaceable.

All goodbye is hard, I know how it feels, this year I say goodbye to my mother in a memorial service in the church of San Nicolas. That was a farewell with tears. I would rather leave this with a tear, but also with a smile, a laugh at life. A life full of gratitude, family and welfare.

Thank you wholeheartedly from everyone in the Goedgedrag family
Mr. F.M. d.l.S. Goedgedrag

Image: Mariano Luis Heyden


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