Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2013

Formateur Camelia hopes that the new political Government can be installed on May 23

Governor's palaceWILLEMSTAD – Formateur Glenn Camelia continues with his hopes of  installing a new Government for Curacao on May 23 of this year. This is what he declared in a press release relating to the process of forming a new political Government. Camelia was appointed by the coalition parties to form a new Government.

In his press release, Camelia states that there are many questions from different groups in the community on how the process of forming a Government is going and how it will continue after the death of the leader of Pueblo Soberano, member of Parliament Mr. Helmin Wiels.

“It think that it’s important for me as “formateur” to bring clarity into this situation. Holding into account of course the obligation of secrecy which is according to the law. Therefore the information will only be about the process and not the people or parties involved,” Camelia stated.

Glenn CameliaThe faction leaders and also party leaders have sent a letter on March 11 requesting the Governor to appoint a formateur, with the only task of coordinating the screening process of the candidate ministers in the next Government. These leaders have also indicated that they don’t see the reason to expand the Government support in Parliament.

On April 12, Interim Governor gave me the assignment as formateur to:

Form a Government which is willing to materialize the Government Agreement signed by PS, PAIS, PNP and Mr. Glenn Sulvaran on December 12, 2012.

Preferably a broad majority in Parliament

Holding into account the Law on Integrity (Screening)

Report back to the Interim Governor no later than June 1

After the Governor’s request  it was up to the leaders to present their candidates. This started on April 22.

After receiving the names of the candidate ministers, they were asked to grant permission to submit their names for the screening process. After receiving permission from the candidates, their names will be then submitted to the various organizations for screening.

These organizations are:

Judicial Investigation - Public Prosecution (OM)

State Security Investigation – Curacao Intelligence Service (VDC)

Fiscal Investigation – Tax Inspection, Tax Collector and Social Security Bank (SVB)

Unusual Transactions Investigation – MOT

Medical Investigation (Drugs) – ARBO

Declaration on business or other functions (Formateur)

Some of the investigations are already completed, some others are still pending. The intention is to have the new Government installed on May 23, according to Mr. Glenn Camelia.


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