Published On: Mon, Jun 27th, 2016

Former MAN leader breaks with party

Charles CooperWILLEMSTAD – For some political annalist the opposition party MAN is en perils, for others it is exactly the opposite, the party is going through an internal cleaning. One thing is a fact now, the once popular leader that helped the party from almost annihilation, Charles Cooper is out.

Cooper turned in his resignation letter to the leadership of the party last night. As is widely known on the island there has been some discontent in the opposition party for some time now, especially after the congress to elect a new leadership.

After the congress there were many prominent member who resigned, including the former member of the island council, Urving Macaay. Macaay was a candidate to become president of the party.

Cooper had sent various letters of protest to the party leadership last week. He was not content with the way things were handled during the congress. According to Cooper he did not receive reaction and that is a lack of respect for a person who helped the party regain seats in parliament. When Cooper took over the leadership of the party, they did not have representation in the parliament of the former Netherlands Antilles. All the party had one seat in the island council. “With hard work we gained back the confidence of the people and we took the party out of a deep hole,” said Cooper.

Cooper gave his party a deadline to answer him. The deadline expired last week Friday and nothing was heard from the leadership of the party. This is the reason why the former leader decided to resign. 

It is not clear what Cooper will do next, but according to unofficial information he will join the ranks of another opposition party. Cooper will also continue as an Independent Member of Parliament.

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