Published On: Fri, Aug 21st, 2015

Former Minister Dick involved in attempts to overthrow Government Schotte

David-DickWILLEMSTAD – Former Minister of Justice, David Dick said that he was involved in attempts to overthrow the Schotte-cabinet in 2012. This was also reported in various local media.

Dick made these declarations in court as a witness in the case of former Member of Parliament for the MFK party, Dean Rozier against his former colleagues in parliament, Gilmar “Pik” Pisas, Monique Felida-Koeyers and Rudney Garmers.

According to the former Minister of Justice, he was approached by the late Gelmer Pieter, who passed away last year, to inform him that Pisas is willing to withdraw his support from the government at a cost of half million guilders. As a reward he would also be promoted to a high position in the police corps. Pisas had been already a cop before being elected as an MP. Pisas, according to Dick, was getting impatient that his party colleagues, who were appointed as ministers in the government, were getting “rich” and he was not.

Dick stated in court that he did not want to be part of Pisas’ proposal even though he was in favor of overthrowing the government for the good of the country. He continued through the group Civil Front (Frente Sivil) and had his eyes on Eugene Cleopa, who at that time was an MP for coalition partner MAN. Through Cleopa he could bring about his plans to overthrow the government.

Dick indicated in his statement that it was not his intention to bring up a name of somebody who is now deceased, referring to his old friend Gelmer Pieters, but that he has to state the truth and that is how it all started.

Dick insisted that at the time of the government headed by Gerrit Schotte there was at one point talk of a dictatorial parliament and a weak opposition. Following that, he added that the way the parliamentary democracy functioned in 2012 under the cabinet, was completely unacceptable to him.

“The whole coalition was a mess. A Prime Minister who lied to the people and for me this meant the end of democracy, while the opposition was not doing anything about it.”

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