Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

Former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte strikes back

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - Puppets of the AIVD - Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak (SP) is a coup perpetrator and a pawn of the secret services in the Netherlands (AIVD) and of Curaçao (VDC). His spending is so exuberant that he cannot finance it from his salary as a Member of Parliament.

The Dutch MP for the SP (Socialist Party) is thus paid for his illegal and subversive activities. This is according to a 47 page report, in English, which is research conducted by the Marketing Counterintelligence commissioned by Gerrit Schotte, the former Prime Minister of Curaçao.

Schotte was deposed in September 2012 and spoke already about a coup orchestrated by the Netherlands. He accused Van Raak of colluding with local politicians, justice officials, former Governor Frits Goedgedrag, NOS correspondent Dick Drayer and colleague André Bosman (VVD). According to the report, the Dutch MP has an exorbitant life style.

The 'confidential' report was leaked this week and it was no accident. The Dutch Parliament debated last week about problems in Curaçao. All Dutch Caribbean islands were extensively discussed in the Dutch Senate last Tuesday. Spying on MPs could still be dismissed as teasing. The Dutch AIVD also tapped Antillean politicians. But Schotte’s report serves a different purpose. He was sentenced in February to three years in prison for corruption and fraud. In practice, he was the manager of the Italian gambling mob in Curaçao, so the judge ruled.

Whether or not this report helps Schotte is the question. There is nothing to be found about Counterintelligence Marketing online, which can show a good and reliable reputation. The English in the report is pitiful, and Ronald van Raak is consistently spelled as “Roland”.

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