Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2013

Franco: No Parliament meeting for now

Mike FrancoWILLEMSTAD –  As long as there is no successor sworn in Parliament for Helmin Wiels, the Parliament will not meet. This is according to President of Parliament, Mike Franco. The Curacao flag at the Parliament building was at half mast all day yesterday. The same is the case for the rest of the week. According to the law, Wiels will be succeed by the next on the campaign ballot. Mrs. Winie Raveneau is number 6 on the list means she is likely to be Wiels’ successor in Parliament.

According to some political experts, this decision is also important to guarantee continuation of the Government. Currently the Government does not enough support in Parliament. With the death of Helmin Wiels, the coalition now counts with only 10 members in Parliament. The opposition also counts with 10 members of Parliament but according to these experts, it is too risky to hold meetings seeing that someone in the coalition could turn and support the opposition which could mean the end of the current Government.

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