Published On: Wed, Dec 19th, 2012

Full house for Wiels’ presentation in The Netherlands

THE HAGUE – Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels seems to be equally popular with the Curaçao community in the Netherlands as in his own country according to the Dutch newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad.

The presentation last night that Wiels and his fellow comrades and members of Parliament Ivar Asjes and Elmer Wilsoe gave in The Curacao House, drew over a hundred interested parties, including the member of the Dutch Parliament André Bosman (VVD). The three gave an explanation of the coalition and told what kind of future they envisioned for Curacao.

Wiels emphasized the fact that he wants a clean government, free of corruption and nepotism. Asjes discussed the Consensus Kingdom Laws which he said were unworkable. The Pueblo Soberano party (PS) wants not so much to get rid of them for reasons of principle per se but because in the past two years, in their his eyes, it showed that these consensus laws do not work.

The new coalition will, as was put forward, enter into dialogue with the Netherlands to search for solutions, including help the stalled economy moving again and eliminate financial deficits. Wiels said give the economy an impulse by investing in education, particularly in ICT trainings. Wilsoe said that free education is the key to a good future for Curacao. The motto of the new government (closer to each search, no quarreling, peace, and prosperity for Curaçao) could count on the consent of those attending.

Those attending the presentation did not conceal how appreciative they were that these members of parliament were contacting the Curacao community in the Netherlands to explain the situation on the Government formation. Notable absentee was Minister Plenipotentiary Sheldry Osepa. This did not have anything to do with the fact that the MFK politician had to bear heavy criticism by both Wiels and Asjes.

He had obligations elsewhere in the country. The delegation returns to Curaçao on Monday.

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