Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2018

Government of Curaçao: “Hope for better times for the people of Venezuela”

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD - The government of Curaçao expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela now that the elections are over. The turnout was a surprise. This does not apply to the final result of the elections.

The democratically elected parliament, the church, the international community and neighboring countries have called for the elections to be postponed. Other countries and international organizations have asked for the elections to be fair and transparent. Now that the G7 and the Lima group have not recognized the results of the elections, Curaçao expresses the hope that the parties will find each other through dialogue and diplomacy.

In Curaçao, we attach great value to the democratic principles and also grant this to the people of Venezuela. An example of this is the continuation of the elections last year in Curaçao. As a neighbor, we cherish the historical, cultural, family and economic relations that have existed for centuries between Curaçao and Venezuela. Curaçao attaches great importance to keeping diplomatic channels open with Venezuela. After all, we have common goals. The fate of both populations is connected to each other. Also in oil refining, this is an important link between Curaçao and Venezuela.

An agreement was signed in April between Venezuela and the Kingdom that needs further elaboration. Curaçao hopes that a solution will soon be found for the political, economic and humanitarian circumstances in Venezuela. With that in mind, Curaçao keeps the possibility open to play a mediating role in this.

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