Published On: Thu, Dec 12th, 2013

Government program presented to Parliament

Government programWILLEMSTAD - The draft government program 2013-2016 is called Speransa i Konfiansa' (Hope and Trust) and is based on five main strategic goals of the coalition: Nation building, sustainable economic recovery and investment, improve quality of life, promote good governance and responsible and prudent fiscal policy and implementation. These objectives are described in the government program which was handed to the President of Parliament.

The first strategic objective is nation building. This involves, according to the government program, to strengthen identity and consciousness. Social cohesion is very important to reach this goal.

The government wants to commit itself to strengthen participatory democracy, sports and social funds and ‘educating the community and creating a critical and well- informed public’. This means that a number of actions will be taken for each ministry.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (OWCS) will install a National Sports Institute and a National Cultural Institution. In addition there Papiamento will be used as the language of instruction. The aim is that 90 percent of the schools for basic education will use Papiamento as the language of instruction at the end of the government term. OWCS will start with a television channel in cooperation with the Ministry of General Affairs (AZ).

Also, a new website will be launched and the policies surrounding social media will be adopted. AZ will formulate a policy on participatory / direct democracy. This includes, for example, national dialogues and referendums.

The Department of Administration, Planning and Services (BPD) is responsible to make the Election Council independent from the government.

The Ministry of Justice will, in the context of "education of the community ', start with an awareness framework to increase the possibility for former inmates to return to society.

The Ministry of Health , Environment and Nature (GMN) is preparing a number of cooperation protocols regarding the cleaning of beaches, internships for students and employment for the less fortunate in the Parks Department and in agricultural projects.

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