Published On: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015

Government will reclaim money

Etienne-van-der-HorstWILLEMSTAD - The government will reclaim the money from civil servants who have left the island and yet continued to collect their salaries. This is according to the Minister of Administration, Planning and Government Services, Etienne van der Horst. There are six civil servants who have removed their names from the Registrar’s Office.

The six are part of the 81 non-active civil servants, who are currently at home. The six fall under the category of non-authorized absence. This involves civil servants who simply do not show up for work without giving any reason and without permission. Further investigation from the Ministry has revealed that the six have removed their names from the Population registry and have moved abroad, but their salary as a government employee of the country Curaçao remained.

The fact that this has happened, that a civil servant could leave the island and no longer appear in their work and still get paid, says a lot about the government apparatus. "We just need to move towards a better registration and reporting system, where everyone will be held accountable,” says Van der Horst.


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