Published On: Mon, Jun 4th, 2018

Governments to explore options together in waste management

IPKO1THE HAGUE - Cooperation in the solid waste management process between the countries in the Kingdom – delegations at last week’s Inter-Parliamentary Consultation of the Kingdom IPKO are asking their governments to look at this option to tackle the waste issues that the Dutch Caribbean countries are facing.

The IPKO agreements list which was signed on Friday, includes a request of the four Parliaments for their governments to explore the options of having a joint tendering process for waste-incineration installations by several countries, taking into consideration the geographic location of the islands.

The Parliaments’ call came after a visit of representatives of the four Parliaments in the Kingdom to waste management and energy company AVR near Rotterdam on Wednesday. The delegations were inspired by the detailed explanation provided by AVR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yves Luca and his staff about the possibilities in waste management.

It was concluded that creating a bigger volume by processing the waste of the islands together is a viable option that merits being explored. The AVR representatives explained that they saw possibilities in having the islands work together in the waste management process and in generating energy from that waste.

Waste management in the Netherlands has changed throughout the years: from dumping to incinerating to recycling. The processing of waste-to-energy and recyclables is not profitable on its own, and as such households in the Netherlands pay a waste management tax. Waste management companies try to reduce cost by creating more volume and selling recyclables and the energy generated in the process.


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