Published On: Fri, Jul 12th, 2013

GroenLinks asks questions about refinery in Dutch Parliament

Bram van OjikWILLEMSTAD – The Dutch political party GroenLinks demands openness on the Isla reports and has asked various parliamentary questions on this issue. "If Curaçao fails to take measures to prevent the toxic discharges, GroenLinks will then request to call for the activation of the security function," said Bram van Ojik of GroenLinks.

“GroenLinks has been asking for years that the Isla refinery either neatly comply with the environmental standards either close down”, Ojik reiterates. “Isla regularly emits much poison and residents literally have no life. The damage caused to the environment and human health is enormous. Last weekend they did it again. The people have to be protected against that. If that does not happen, then the Kingdom Government must now finally intervene.”

Groenlinks also wants Minister Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to fully commit himself to disclosure of all investigations into the refinery. Bram van Ojik: "From two reports, which are kept confidential, according to insiders shows that the ISLA refinery does not deliver such a large contribution to the Curaçao economy. Thought-provoking to what costs will they keep the refinery open.”

According to the Clean Environment Foundation in Curaçao (SMOC) it is not known which substances were emitted into the air on Sunday, when the refinery produced the black smoke. "As far as we know there is much to our surprise, there was no response by neither the Curaçao government nor the Parliament on this 'black Sunday'," said SMOC in a press release. "Because once again there were large quantities of incompletely burned gases which almost certainly contains carcinogens."

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