Published On: Tue, Feb 3rd, 2015

Gumbs dismissal as head secret service annulled

Public ProsecutionWILLEMSTAD - Yesterday the former head of the Secret Service of Curaçao, Edsel Gumbs was vindicated that he must not have been fired based on incompetency or incapacity. Shortly after the first government of the country Curaçao, headed by former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, came to power, Gumbs was dismissed from his position at the Secret Service. Both the then Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, Elmer Wilsoe wanted him gone.

Since then he has not been more active as head of security and in November 2013 he finally received an honorable discharge. His dismissal was annulled by the court yesterday. In the ruling a picture emerges that Schotte and Wilsoe have deliberately tried to damage Gumbs’ image to be able to put him aside.

The court comes to this conclusion after studying all the documents. “Schotte did not put forth any argument showing that Gumbs was unsuitable of unable to lead the Secret Service. While in October 2010, just after the new cabinet came to power and Schotte was sworn in as the country’s new Prime Minister, it was argued to dismiss Gumbs. The media was deliberately used to create support for this.”

GumbsIt all started when Gumbs indicated to the former (and last) Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles that due to the lack of staff, he was not able to perform a thorough screening. Gumbs also indicated that after the constitutional change of October 10, 2010, he would continue with the screening of the new Ministers. Former Prime Minister, Gerrit Schotte stated that he was not aware of this.

But the former Prime Minister had hoped that the screening could be omitted, since there was already a questionnaire completed. He was also shocked when he found out that the Secret Service continued digging for more information on the new ministers. Especially since during the ongoing investigations and screenings some issues had emerged, which could have had adverse consequences for the new ministers. This is when both Schotte and former Minister of Justice for the Pueblo Soberano party, Elmer Wilsoe decided to put Gumbs aside.

Gumbs indicated, through his lawyer, to be satisfied with the verdict. He states that his name has been cleared on all counts. The ruling states that he is competent, capable and honest. There were no grounds to dismiss him from his position as Head of the Secret Service of Curaçao.


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