Published On: Wed, May 11th, 2016

Hirsch Ballin wants free establishment on the islands and in the Netherlands

DEN HAAG-TWEEDE KAMER-VRAGENUURTJETHE HAGUE - Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin today held the first reading about the Curaçao born resistance fighter George Maduro. In it, the former Dutch minister pleads for more togetherness in the Kingdom.

The lecture was held at Villa Dorrepaal, which was recaptured by George Maduro and his men in 1940 from the Germans.


Hirsch Ballin focused on the many identities of Maduro - Sephardic-Jewish, Curaçao, military, Dutch, resistance fighter. The former minister explained the link as: “Even the Kingdom is a repository of identities, a 'multiethnic'.”

Dutch citizenship - a passport for four countries - therefore fits how people live in the 21st century, says Hirsch Ballin. People have lived for centuries in the same environment, modern life is divided into periods in different environments which are sometimes far from each other. That is precisely why there is a great need for a citizenship that provides such flexibility, says Hirsch Ballin.

Establishment requirements

The professor is against establishment requirements of the islands, and against Dutch politicians who want the Netherlands to do the same. “I am really sorry that the Caribbean countries continue to hold on to the establishment requirements of the colonial period.”

The Caribbean countries in the Kingdom are afraid of a sudden large population. Hirsch Ballin: “That is the only argument with some persuasion power. If you use it, do so only to prevent an extreme situation. There is no culture that have become better by pretending there is no outside world. This also applies to the Netherlands.”

Reporting by Caribbean Network


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