Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2012

“I came to get my money”

WILLEMSTAD – On Saturday October 20, 2012, Dutch news site reported that approximately 50-60 people were standing in line since morning at the office of the political party MFK. There were rumors that people were there to get their money, after they have voted for the party during elections. But that is debatable.

Most people who were waiting told that they worked for the party during the election campaign. "Yesterday I worked at a polling station and now I get my pay as agreed," said a waiting person.

A young lady says that she's stopped by to receiver her 150 guilders. "This amount was promised to me if I would vote for the party. I've done that yesterday and now I came get my money." It is striking that it is the only one who said that. All other waiting people preferred to keep their mouth shut or say that they are there to pick up their wages for the work they have done during the campaign. It is not clear exactly what was agreed with the people.


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