Published On: Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

“I took my parliamentary seat because it belongs to me”

Dr. Marilyn Moses will continue serving the people according to her conscience

marilyn-mosesWILLEMSTAD – “It incredible, but I feel a huge pressure lifted of my shoulders,” said the Independent MP, Dr. Marilyn Moses. “I’m free now. Everyday I’m criticized by the same people I promised to help. How is it possible that we are going to make the budget bigger? Where are we going to get the necessary funds to accommodate the people? I’m a simple person and I swore that I will serve the people according to my conscience,” said the Independent MP.

She has cancelled all meetings with the media pending her actual meeting with the Governor. “I’m not a fake Christian,” she said. “The Lord has done so much for me and I’ve achieved a lot. I received a house, I don’t have children and my husband is sick. So I will dedicate some time to help him. I will not leave politics though,” said the Independent MP.

“I hope that Alex Rosaria (PAIS leader) remembers that when I joined his party he told me that I received a mandate from the Lord. We are now at the end of times and we have to trust God. I received my message to resign from this government from the bible.”

According to the Independent MP, the politicians have filled the people with fear. “This is why a repeat, I will take my parliamentary seat with me, because it is mine. Money is nothing for me. I do not accept no one to come and tell me what to do or what to say. This is why I make a call upon all women in oppression to raise your head and shake off the fear to continue forward.”

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