Published On: Tue, Jan 2nd, 2018

Increase in minimum wage

workersWILLEMSTAD - Starting January 1, the minimum hourly wage will be 9 guilders 71 and a half cent. That amount applies to all employees that are 21 years and older.

With a 40-hour working week, that amount will be 367 guilders per week or 1589.11 per month. For a 45- or 48-hour work week, higher amounts count.

These amounts also apply to domestic staff. For a live-in maid, a maximum of 300 guilders per month may be charged.

The minimum youth wage between 16 and 20 is lower. Ranging from 5.96 per hour (16/17 years) to 8.26 per hour (20 years).

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